Monday, May 7, 2018

From the Andes to the rain one day!

 Day 2 we packed up all our food and acupuncture supplies into a van and headed down the bumpy, muddy, curvy, narrow road from Cusco (Andes) to Manu (rain forest).  I called shotgun because of my well known propensity for motion sickness and prophylactically threw some Zofran down (I know, not a very natural medicine approach). It turned out to be a wise choice...imagine a spine jarring 8 hour roller coaster! Add to that a front row seat to the 500 foot drop offs and you'll understand where Big White Jesus was born.
Still and all, the views of the cloud forest (where the humidity of the Amazon is trapped by the Andes) were breath taking and what could be more Peruvian than an Alpaca auction!

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