Saturday, May 12, 2018

Buena Vista

Project Buena Vista is the love child of our fearless leader, Laura Reyda and her husband Flor. In addition to hosting medical outreaches, they bring students down to this 100 acre parcel of jungle in the Manu preserve. It's a magical place, with just enough comforts to make the stay completely lovely. Every day began and ended at the platform structure, home to the kitchen, the dining room, the treatment room and the CASINO. Nothing funnier than teaching Texas Hold 'em to a Peruvian card shark. Cesar, I'm not sure you ever learned the difference between "pass" and "I'm out", but I am sure you still owe me a ton of matches! Oh, did I mention, one of us on the trip is the daughter of a professional poker player?

Every morning, we boarded this boat and sped across the river, disembarked and hiked about 45 minutes through the jungle to the town of Salvacion. Monkeys, spiders and Tapir tracks, oh my. Reverse the steps and back to home base in time for dinner.

Parting thought: If you're goosed by an otter in a river...should it be called ottered?

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