Sunday, May 6, 2018

Coca tea and Big White Jesus

My outreach mission completed, it's time to try and share some of the beauty of this land and these people with all of you. I'll do my best to highlight the magical 2 weeks I had over the next few days/posts.

My arrival in Cusco began with a cup of coca tea. This herb is popular in the Andes for it's ability to treat the symptoms of altitude sickness, "soroche." Honestly, it's credited with the ability to ease headache and nausea, fight fatigue and suppress the appetite...among other things. The locals use it to give them staying power to work all day without needing to eat! It's delicious and it worked for me. I got to see the plant later in my visit when my guide pointed it out and proclaimed: "as you can see, it is not white and it does not grow in lines!" Take your took me a minute too!!!

Our first day ended with a "little" hike up to see Christo Blanco or The Big White Jesus (my pet name, not an official translation). I was struck by this photo and how it really does, for me, capture the spirit of Cusco. Christianity was forced upon these Incans and there is evidence of this everywhere. Cathedrals have literally swallowed ancient Incan temples throughout the historic Incan Empire capital. The Big White Jesus stands next to a popular Incan ruin site, Saqsayhuman. Not to worry, they both share the most spectacular view of the city!

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